In 2007, I opened a Mobile Jewelers Shop where I took appointments and went  where the customer was.  This was created in a 23 foot Mobile Office that held necessary equipment.  Customers would  come in, take a seat and watch their jewelry repaired.   This was a fun venture ...eventually I went on location at a local store.

Blast from the past....1987  I handmade the signs (cutting costs)  these were later removed when the lighted sign arrived....

I was originally hired at "H.J. Wilson Co. Inc." on Pass Road in Gulfport , Mississippi and started training with Robert Stewart.    In 1981 Robert asked another Jewelry company  to talk to me about working with them.  This was   "Robinson's Manufacturing Jewelers"  on Pass Road in Gulfport.  The Robinson family was great to take me and give me so much knowledge,  Steve Robinson was the jeweler that gave me the incredible opportunity there and to learn sooooo much.  In 1987 , I opened a small store called "Gorman & Co."  on Pass Road in Gulfport, across from Pass Road Baptist Church.  It was there where I did wholesale and retail for many stores and people of Gulfport.  I closed the store in 1990 to move to Birmingham, Alabama to  manage a "Service Merchandise Co." and ultimately was the jeweler for "Bailey Banks & Biddle" in Mountain Brook Village.  In 2000, a move to water was necessary so  Seaside, Florida found me the jeweler in town.    Finally I found a home in Panama City Beach, Florida and Gorman and Company was still going strong.  I did the Mobile Shop and eventually was asked to go on premises at an upscale jewelry store here in Panama City..........Now....next venture was HOME  to family and my love for the Gulf Coast of Mississippi !!